Shupid Stit: Alternative to 21st century Struggle, by re setting the preset value system in our mind from net worth to human worth, experiencing the priceless


Challenging the 'Common' in Common Sense

When you think of personal growth and the limitations of the 21st century, your mind might default to conventional wisdom or what most people term “common sense.” However, Earl W. Taylor, a clinical hypnotherapist with over two decades of experience, invites you to challenge this norm with his groundbreaking approach: “Shupid Stit.” At its core, Shupid Stit is an alternative to conventional thinking. Shupit stit is the opposite of Stupid $hit. It is essentially everything that money cannot buy.

As you navigate the vast world of self-improvement, Taylor’s teachings in “OVERCOMING YOURSELF” shed light on the effects of rationalization, socialization, and normalization on self-image. He guides readers toward a renewed perspective on life, emphasizing a journey of self awareness, understanding, and connection. However, the “Shupid Stit” movement doesn’t end in the pages of his book.


Overcoming Yourself

A Journey toward Self-Improvement and Oneness teaches others seeking completeness and transformation at all levels how to overcome the power of the mind, ultimately achieving their unlimited potential.

Earl W Taylor has been a clinical hypnotherapist for over 20 years and shares his unique principles that will help others view life from a new perspective. Taylor details the concepts of rationalization, socialization, and normalization and explores their effects on the self-image. In addition, he also provides a new unselfish process that will increase self-awareness and understanding and allow others to overcome disconnections of all kinds, enhance relationships, and reach self-acceptance.



Latest Podcasts

Earl Taylor, along with his co-host, brings the principles of Shupid Stit to the digital
airwaves with their podcast. Every episode, often graced by insightful special
guests, delves into topics like the meaning of manhood, THE MIND DOES WHAT IT
KNOWS BEFORE IT KNOWS WHAT IT DOES, pushing listeners to think beyond the
usual. The “Shupid Stit Podcast” challenges the status quo and embraces an
uncommon approach to a fuller, more enriched life.

Tune in to the podcast, learn more about Taylor’s techniques, and embark on a transformative journey that steps away from the commonplace and ventures into the extraordinary. Remember, in a world where common results are often inadequate, ShupidStit offers a fresh perspective. Embrace it.


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